Drone Cinema

Our Inspire 3 allows you to shoot in Dual Operators for exceptional cinematographic capture. Its sensor definition of up to 8K and the possibility of adapting optics according to the needs of the story will give you the best possible images, day or night.



With our mini-drones, you can take advantage of lightweight, high-definition filming at attractive prices. This single-operator drone service will suit most of your projects, and more easily meets certain legal operating requirements.

Our Mini-UAV fleet :

  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro
  • DJI Mavic Air 2S
  • DJI Mavic Air
CGN , mini drone aerial filming in Lausanne

FPV Drones

Enter a new dimension with our range of FPV drones. FPV drones are small, fast and extremely powerful, capable of capturing acrobatic images and making impressive passes through fixed or moving obstacles.

FPV flights require rigorous and precise preparation with our pilots. A preparatory visit or even on-site training may be necessary to ensure a safe, high-quality service.

FPV capture, Lausanne, Switzerland

Approved pilots

Legislation governing the flight of unmanned aircraft has changed significantly in recent months. The rules are now stricter, and specific obligations for certain operating scenarios are in force, requiring licenses and authorizations in order to be able to operate drones on your projects.

At Altamont, all our pilots are certified for open categories. Regular training, updating of our knowledge and ongoing maintenance ensure the safe operation of our drones. We work closely with the aviation authorities (FOCA and Skyguide) to obtain authorizations for flights in specific categories when required by our customers.


EASA / FOCA approved pilots

Drones certified for categories C1 / C2 / C3

Flights with specific authorizations if required

our pilots are all certified