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Need movement? Whether you're making a feature film, commercial, TV series or any other cinematic project, our cinema crane system will adapt to your specific needs. Capable of carrying various stabilization systems (RS2, RS3, R2, Ronin 4D, Movï).

What we offer: A complete package including vehicle, crane, stabilizer, camera and optics, as well as the technical team to operate it all.


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A Technical Team of Excellence: At Altamont, our technical team is the pillar of our success. We've assembled a team of passionate, experienced professionals who understand the importance of every detail for an exceptional end result. From meticulous planning to on-the-spot execution, our experts are ready to use their creativity and efficiency to bring your project to life.

Safety Commitment: Safety is our top priority. We are committed to the highest safety standards on all our shoots. Our crane operators are certified and trained to ensure a safe environment for the entire crew and actors involved.


Professional cable-cam installation is a highly specialized operation, carried out by our experienced team. It begins with a careful assessment of the site to determine the appropriate anchor points. The brackets are securely fixed, followed by the installation of the tensioned cable according to precise, situation-dependent specifications. Each step is carried out with the utmost care to ensure the system's stability and safety. Our team is committed to providing an installation that enables the smooth, professional capture of unique visual sequences.



Installing a car-rig is a specialized technical operation carried out by our skilled team. It begins with a thorough assessment of the vehicle to determine the most suitable attachment points for the desired shots. Next, the fastening devices are carefully installed, ensuring optimum system stability. Each stage of the installation is carried out with precision, to guarantee the safety and quality of the shots. Our team is committed to providing a reliable and secure installation, for dynamic and professional shots from a vehicle.

Professionals for every need

Machinery requires highly specific skills. From heavy haulage permits to mountaineering and diving skills, not to mention craneage, we have a wide network of internal and external professionals to meet all your technical needs.

Machinery and crane

Capture in special environments

Organizing team/equipment transport in difficult environments