Visual effects & 3D


3D or animated videos are no substitute for real-life filming, but in certain circumstances they can suffice for your communication. VFX can also prove less costly than real effects, which can be complex to set up.

At Altamont, we use the latest technologies to speed up 3D work and make it as affordable as possible for our customers. This means using modern 3D engines, photo-realistic databases and fast export systems.

2D/3D compositing

Green backgrounds can be used to integrate elements or people into a pre-existing set. The idea is to superimpose several video sources to create a new visual.

In this example, one of the presentation protagonists is replaced by another during an applause sequence. The job consists in recreating a virtual camera, deleting the original protagonist, recreating a background and integrating our new character into the scene, taking him away from the green screen on which he was filmed in the studio.

VFX greenscreen

In other circumstances, and especially on movie sets, it is often necessary to be able to replace a background that doesn't suit the storyline. In this example, the protagonists are getting out of a train stuck in the middle of a snowstorm. For logistical reasons, the scene was shot in front of a railway maintenance center.

The green background made it easy to cut out the characters and recreate a backdrop of mountainous landscapes, bushes and stormy snow.

VFX corrections and deletions

Occasionally, technical glitches can creep into a capture, or an extra is not positioned as he or she should be. Modern techniques make it possible to erase these problems, sometimes using the power of AI to improve the work.

In the example opposite, dust crept in between the camera's optics and sensor during the shooting of a documentary. Masking and tracking were used to mask the defects in the images.

VFX deletions